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Welcome to Independent Metal! We host websites for bands that have no record label. We support them by giving them free publicity.

If you have an independent band and would like to get some support from us you can contact us at info@independentmetal.com!


1 Aug 2010:

100.000 downloads and still going!

13 May 2010:

New Epic Fuel video! Check it out!


12 dec 2009:

We exceeded 60.000 downloads for the bands we support! We want to thank all the people (including Mininova.org) that have helped us in the last year to make this possible!


Usually all the legal bullshit goes here. To make a long story short: The bands here agreed to put their music up for free. You may spread it, give it away and show it to anyone if not used for commercial ends. It is encouraged to place a link to the bands webpage or Myspace account when done so.